INTERGO Apartments


One guesthouse, many options. Are you traveling alone, as a family or in a group?

Choose your accommodation:

A) Double room (up to 3 guests, 1 bedroom, attached bathroom, shared kitchen)

B) Family room (up to 9 guests, 1 - 3 bedrooms, with bathroom, shared kitchen)

C) 150sqm apartment (up to 12 guests, 1 - 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large kitchen)

D) NEW! 45sqm apartment (up to 5 guests, 2 bedrooms, walk-in shower)

We are a non-smoking accommodation, offer free parking on the property, free WiFi, fully equipped kitchens, flat-screen TVs in all bedrooms (except the kids room), an outdoor area with a terrace and a playground and more. Unfortunately, animals are not allowed in our guesthouse.